Send Express Request

Send the Express Request through the Express Hub 2.0, or by Fax or email to
ExpressRequest@expff.com. A claims representative will contact you to let
you know your claim has been received and will immediately begin the
verification of the life insurance policies.
Please, send the Express Request as soon as possible to allow us to
immediately start the verification as some insurance companies may
have lengthier procedures than others.

Click Here to Submit Request


Send The Signed Irrevocable Assignment

Complete the Assignment and Reassignment with
notarization where applicable. Submit these documents to
Express Funeral Funding, along with the funeral contract
signed by all assignees/beneficiaries. Express Funeral Funding
will not disclose your funeral contract to any outside party
other than the insurance company.


Once we receive the documentation you will be funded
immediately. Express Funeral Funding does not require a death
certificate in order to process your payment. In most cases, after the
faxed receipt of the above documents, payment is made to your funeral
home/cemetery within 24 hours of verification.


Mail Documents

Mail all original documents to Express Funeral Funding immediately upon
receipt of your Funding Confirmation. If available, include a certified copy
of the death certificate for each insurance company.
If a certified death certificate is not available, then mail all other required
documents immediately and send the death certificate as soon as possible.