Express Hub Platinum

Experience the nation’s most technologically advanced claims platform.

How it Works:

Submit, view claims and communicate with our customer service team exclusively online. Customize your funding experience and select your communication preferences and funding status updates all in your Hub profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Go to and click “Sign up now” | Step 2: Enter your email address and click “Send Verification Code”. Retrieve the verification code from your email, enter it in the Verification Code field, then click “Verify Code” | Step 3: Enter the remaining information, and once all fields are completed, click “Create” and your account will be created

You will now be able to log in and access your user profile page to update your information (optional). Our admin team will finalize the account setup within the next few business hours and reach out once completed so that you may access your funeral home location(s) and experience the nation’s most technologically advanced claims platform.

Yes, it is best practice that every staff member create their own Express Hub Platinum account so they can customize their experience and funding notification preferences.

The Express Funeral Funding team is always available to help you with your account needs. Simply email to schedule a training session at your earliest convenience.

Yes! When you submit a claim through Express Chat you will be able to view, manage, and track your claim's status in your Express Hub Platinum dashboard.

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