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How it works

When your family selects life insurance as their method of payment for funeral services our team verifies the policy benefits, completes all of the claim paperwork necessary and gets your funeral or cemetery paid typically in 24-48 hours of verification. Our 3-step funding process is the fastest and easiest in the funeral profession.

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Always an amazing experience. Very kind and professional staff!

Express Funeral Funding is an excellent company to work with. They process claims very quickly and keep the customer up-to-date on the status of the claim.

Great company to work with, friendly and they do get back with answers.

3 Step Funding


Send EFF a completed Express Request and Assignment Form for verification of proceeds.


Receive payment typically within 24-48 hours of verification.


Send us any additional documentation needed post-funding to help your families receive proceeds they did not advance at the time of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. For most claims, a certified death certificate is not required before you receive payment. Post funding, a majority of the time we will only require a copy of a death certificate, it is however best practice to always hold onto an original death certificate in the case an insurance company requires an original copy.

Most of the funeral homes and cemeteries we work with prefer ACH direct payment. This method is FREE and a fast way to receive your funds (funds are available to your bank by midnight the day you receive your Funding Confirmation). We can mail a check to the funeral home/cemetery if preferred.

Yes! Our Express Hub is the fastest and easiest way to submit and view claim statuses online. The Express Hub provides the fastest way to communicate with our Express processors and provides you with one-click access to all of your claim history reports.

Yes! Our Family Pay option allows your families to receive proceeds beyond funeral expenses. We will issue a check made out to the beneficiary and mail it to your funeral home or cemetery.

The benefit of using Express Funeral Funding is our expert staff will verify policy benefits before funding your funeral home. Our customer service team will communicate to you and your funeral staff the policy benefits so you and your family can prepare for funeral services accordingly. In the case a policy is no good, we will not charge for verification services, we simply recommend you ask your family for another means of payment. In the rare circumstance, we find policy benefits were not verified legitimately upon funding, we will never come back to you. We are full non-recourse, which means any money we guarantee and fund is yours, we will work it out with the insurance company. We eliminate the risks and financial burdens for you and your families.

It does not have to cost you anything as a funeral home or cemetery. A majority of our clients nationwide pass our best-valued processing rate to the family's policy, which typically means your families will have no out-of-pocket expenses.

Simply complete our enrollment form! Our client relations team will reach out to schedule an orientation, Express Hub demo, and answer any additional questions you have.

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