Family Pay

Family Pay is the country’s most sought-after advancement program. Family Pay advances policy proceeds beyond funeral expenses and helps your families get access to the money they need now.

How it works

When receiving life insurance as a form of payment for funeral services, don’t have your families wait weeks or months to receive the remainder of their loved one’s life insurance policy. Ask your families about advancing additional proceeds from their loved one’s benefit amount to receive upon verification. This can help with sudden expenses such as medical bills, travel costs or any other immediate needs.


Many of our families have needed an advance of their life insurance funds and we are grateful that EFF has been able to provide that.

Easy for families to use, quick turnaround, relieves the pressure to come up with funds in a short amount of time!

We have used them for quite a while with our firm, and I have always been able to rely on them to help me best serve my families. Thank you for helping me take care of the sweet families I see.

How it Works


Submit your assignment and include the Family Pay amount.


Your family receives payment from us via check upon verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

The family will be issued payment the same time the funeral home/cemetery is paid, which is typically within 24-48 hours of verification. We will issue a check made out to your beneficiaries and offer the ability to overnight payment.

The most common method of payment to the family is by check. A majority of our clients prefer to receive the family's check to the funeral home or cemetery so they may hand-deliver to their family. We can mail a check directly to the beneficiary as well.

A majority of the 800+ insurance companies we work with on a regular basis, do accept Family Pay advancements however, there are roughly 20 major insurance companies that will not accept advancements. Our team will let you know prior to verification if the selected insurance company does not accept advancements.

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